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A Buyers Guide into Choosing the Right Natural Moisturizer as Per Your Skin Type

You can bet the secret to healthy looking skin that has the much-needed glow is fund in the type of moisturizer that one uses. Of course, there is a whole lot process when it comes to good looking skin, from ensuring you have a skincare routine to choosing the right products. If you are like many people, you might want to go for a natural moisturizer with all natural ingredients. Avoid those skin care products that come laden with heavy chemicals that end up causing pre-mature aging, or worse, on your skin. Go for a natural moisturizer that is formulated to ensure your skin is hydrated and nourished for that youthful glow. No one will resist such skin, right; but do you know what defines the right natural moisturizer?

How about you start by doing a skin test to determine whether or not you are dry, oily, normal, or combination skin type? You should also know there are moisturizers meant for sensitive, dry, dark, or light skin reason enough to make an informed choice. You must know all these so you can get the most out of whatever moisturizer you pick for your skin type. Another mental note that you need to make is to ensure you always have a moisturizer with you, no matter the type of skin that you have.

Dry and itchy skin responds perfectly to a natural moisturizer that is thick and heavy. Most people would pick a natural moisturizing ointment for dry skin and cream for normal skin as creams tend to be thinner. And then we have the lotions and similar light moisturizers that work perfectly for oily skin. Also worth taking note of when looking for the right moisturizer is to choose one based on when you plan on using it. Most expert’s advice on using lighter moisturizers by the day and their heavy counterparts by night.

Of course, you might want to complement your natural moisturizer with the best cleanser and toner for best results. Just like the moisturizer, you should select your toner and cleanser as per your type of skin. You must also have a skin care routine that you follow religiously if you are to get the desired results. The main advantage of natural skin care products is the fact that the results are almost always guaranteed. Always read the labels to ensure the skin care product is paraben free, sulfate free, TEA & DEA free, phthalate free and petrochemical free.

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